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Free Guide:
How to Become an Event Planner

This eBook will answer most of your preliminary questions you probably have about how to become an event planner, including:
  • Choosing a niche:  An overview of the event planning industry, the types of events you might want to plan, and the importance of choosing a niche (including my warning about choosing wedding planning as your specialty).
  • Life as a Planner:  What skills make a great event planner; what is it like working as an event planner.
  • How to Break through the "catch-22" of Experience. There's a frustrating "catch-22" in the world of event planning; you need experience to get experience! This section talks about how to break through this frustrating cycle.
  • What About Starting an Event Planning business?  A large percentage of people who dream of becoming event planners also dream of starting their own business.  This is an attainable goal, but a challenging one; in this section I mention a few things to consider plus an alternative.  
  • The Three Steps to Become an Event Planner:  There are three main steps you simply must take in order to succeed as an event planner; this section covers those steps in detail.  
  • The truth about "certification": There is a huge misconception in the event planning industry about "certification," especially for beginners.  Before you sign up for any "certification" program you NEED to read this! 
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