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Corporate Event Planning

Corporate Event Planning is one of the most lucrative and consistent niches in the world of of event planning.  If you have a business background or an interest in business, then this would be a fantastic career path for you to pursue.

And if you've been assigned to plan an event or meeting as part of your job, then this online course is imperative for your success. This course alone can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by teaching you the "ins and outs" of corporate event planning that many people aren't even aware exist.  Your job is stressful enough without taking on the role of an event planner as well; let this course make your life exponentially easier by walking you through, step by step, exactly how to plan a successful business meeting or event.  

I've worked in corporate event planning for over twenty-five years.  I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that it's "boring" and doesn't offer any room for creativity.  And I'm here to tell you, that's not true at all!

During my years in corporate events, I have been to thirty-five countries, I've worked with dozens of international celebrities, and have been a part of some really incredible events.  I've done a "Gone with the Wind" event on an actual plantation in Savannah, I've been a part of a "Sound of Music" event in Switzerland, I've seen rooftop parties in New York and beach parties in Mexico and events on aircraft carriers in San Diego.  With corporate incentives I've been on whale watching excursions in Hawaii, kayaking in the Caribbean, zip lining in Costa Rica, helicopter rides in the Grand Canyon, hiking on a glacier in British Columbia.....and so much more.

I'm not telling you this to brag, but to show you that corporate planning is not boring!  Sure, along with all of this there are plenty of boring meetings in boring ballrooms.  But the opportunities, in my opinion, are far greater than in just about any other niche within the industry.  

"When my boss told me that I had to plan the upcoming company meeting for 125 people (and that we did not have a budget to hire a planner), I panicked.  Thankfully I found your course and devoured it in one weekend. Your course saved the company money, saved my job, and saved my sanity.
I can never thank you enough!"

~Heather M.

What Does the "Complete Corporate Event Planning" Course Cover?

The Complete Corporate Event Planner Course consists of two courses; the Event Planning Essentials course, which teaches you, step by step, every element of planning any event. Then the Corporate Event Planner course further customizes your learning by teaching you everything you need to know to specialize specifically in business-related meetings, events, and incentives.  

1. The Event Planning Essentials Course

The Event Planning Essentials Course is my main signature courses that teaches you, step by step, every element of planning any event; from initial concept through to the final on-site execution. This course discusses exactly how to choose the perfect venue (including hidden pitfalls and secret ways to save money), choosing food & beverage, selecting entertainment, working with presenters, choosing decor, and managing the budget.  Click here to see an outline of the Event Planning  Essentials Course.

2. The Corporate Event Planning Course

The Corporate Event Planning Course takes what you learned in the Event Planning Essentials Course and goes into the speciality world of corporate event planning.  Topics in this course include: working with hotels (and the extremely complex terminology when managing company room blocks), how business  events are different than any other type of event, negotiating hotel contracts, and managing staff.   

Module 1:  Corporate Events

  • Overview of the corporate event planning industry
  • The types of corporate events; on a local, national, and international scale
  • The difference between corporate meetings, events, & incentives

Module 2: Planning Corporate Events

  • A detailed look at what corporate meetings entail
  • The specifics of how planning corporate events is different than planning other types of events (with examples)
  • An overview of terminology that is specific to corporate event planning

Module 3: Working with Hotels

  • Working with hotels for your meeting both as a venue as well as housing for your attendees
  • An in-depth explanation of the extensive terminology that applies when working with a hotel for a corporate meeting
  • Managing room blocks, rooming lists, & deadlines
  • How to negotiate contracts and concessions

Module 4: Transportation

  • How (and why) transportation is an important part of corporate planning
  • An overview of the types of vehicles 
  • Working with DMCs and transportation companies to ensure your guests get where they need to go

Module 5: Final Tips

  • Hiring and managing staff as a corporate planner
  • How to find work as a corporate planner

"This course helped me out in so many ways! Not only have I gained further insight into the event planning industry but I now have the knowledge and confidence to be successful! "

~Danielle P.

How Do I Take the Class?

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The video class is hosted online, so that you can access it anywhere, at any time, as your schedule allows.  You can download a PDF of the slides from the video, so you can reference them in the future. 

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