Event Management Training

Live Event Planning Classes Offer Hands-On Instruction
and Interactive Learning 

Event Management Training Classes

Learn the Secrets to Planning Successful Events, Meetings, & Incentives
During Live, Interactive, Hands-On Classes & Workshops

In addition to online training courses, we offer live classes on a variety of topics within the event planning industry.  These classes are perfect for those who have been handed the task of planning an event or meeting for their job, or for those who are ready to take control of their future and make their dream of becoming an event planner a reality.  

Live event management training has many benefits that online courses just can't offer:

  • Nothing compares to live, interactive discussions
  • Questions can be immediately answered
  • Confusion on any topics can be immediately clarified
  • Topics can be customized  according to the needs of the students in that particular class
  • When possible, we will tour hotels and venues to observe actual events as they are being set up, and discuss the strategy behind each situation from the perspective of both the planner and the attendee

Generally speaking, there are three ways to participate in our live event management training classes:

  • If you are relatively new to event planning, then you can take the online course(s) first and then have one day of live training to personalize your education.
  • If you are relatively new to event planning, then you can also opt to take three days of live training.  Three days is what we recommend to learn all of the concepts of basic planning plus the specific training needed for corporate planning.
  • If you are experienced in event planning but just need to learn about corporate event planning specifically, then you can participate in one day of live training.  You can let us know ahead of time what you need to learn specific to your situation and your company; so the training is truly personalized and catered to you.  

Topics Covered:

  • Event Objectives & Goals
  • Choosing a Venue
  • Managing Budgets
  • Setting Up Your Event Space
  • Understanding the Basics of Audio-Visual
  • Managing Food & Beverage
  • Choosing & Managing Presenters & Entertainment
  • Choosing Decor
  • Hiring & Managing On-Site Staff (or Volunteers)
  • Managing Your Event On-Site

Upcoming Classes

Photo of meeting room with link to Corporate Meeting Planning course

Corporate Meeting Planning is one of the most lucrative niches within the event planning industry, and offers consistent year-round work; but it can also be one of the most complex parts of event planning to learn.  Therefore this course is best taught live as a small class setting (approximately ten people) or one-on-one at your place of business.  

Current Dates:  TBD

If you have any interest in live event management training but I don't have a class scheduled in your area, contact me to be put on the mailing list for your particular city.  Better yet, round up six people (in addition to you) and I'll come to you; PLUS your class tuition will be free!

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