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Learn what makes planning fundraising charity events so different from other events; plus how to raise money and recruit and manage sponsors.

Do You Dream of Doing Good While Also Doing What You Love?

For  many people, working for a paycheck just isn't enough.  We want to know that we've made an impact on the world, that we've done a few good things with our life, and that we made a difference during our time on this earth.  If that's you, and you're wondering how to put your organizational and creative skills to good use, then you might find a rewarding career as a fundraising event planner.

As a planner of fundraising charity events, you will have a direct impact on the success of non-profit organizations and their ability to keep providing their services.  Most organizations can't exist without the money they raise at these events, and so as a fundraising special event planner you can play an integral role in the survival and success of some incredible organizations; thereby making a difference by using your talents in a very special and rewarding way.

As a fundraising event planner, you will have a direct impact on the success of a variety of non-profit organizations.  This can lead to an extremely rewarding and exciting career; doing what you love and what you're naturally talented at, while helping fantastic organizations continue serving their cause.  

Therefore, it's imperative that you make sure that you understand the foundational elements of what it takes to plan a fundraising event.  The organization that is relying on you to plan their fundraising charity events is putting a lot of faith in you; do you want to risk doing it wrong?

Who is the "Fundraising & Sponsorship" Class For?

Experienced event planners OR...

As a supplement to the Essentials Course**

You want to make a difference 

You want to help non-profits succeed

You want to be a part of exciting events!

**Please note that this course does not teach you how to plan events.  It is designed to supplement the Event Planning Essentials Course.  Also note that both the Fundraising & Sponsorship Course and Event Planning Essentials are included in the Complete Event Planner Toolkit at a discounted rate. **

testimonial about fundraising charity events

"This was one of the most helpful online courses I have ever taken. It was well organized and very well thought out. I have been doing this sort of thing on a volunteer basis for many, many years but I learned so much. I wish I had taken this course years ago and gone into this field professionally back when I was first starting out. I'm never sure when I sign up for online courses if you are really going to get your money's worth and find the information helpful but this one far surpassed my expectations!"

~Mary J.

What Makes Planning Fundraising Charity Events Different ?

The job of anyone planning charity fundraising events is more complex than other types of event planning.  Not only do you need to plan and execute a flawless event, but you also need to educate and create awareness of the organization, recruit and accommodate sponsors, and, of course, raise money while spending as little as possible!  

Here are just a few things that are imperative to know before thinking of fun fundraising event ideas:

  • Understand the importance of (and reason for) working with committees
  • Special budget considerations when planning fundraising events
  • Understand the huge importance of sponsorships in planning your event
  • How to recruit, manage, and work with sponsors, and how to ensure that they stay happy so that the event is a success
  • How to plan your event for the least amount of money
  • Various methods for raising money at your event

This information is imperative for you to know before you start planning fundraising charity events; if you don't know the basics, then it doesn't matter how creative you get.  And, just as importantly, if you don't know how to properly find, recruit, and take care of your sponsors, then your event is in danger of failing.  

If you have an interest in event fund raising and special events, this course is for you!

What Does the "Fundraising & Sponsorship" Class Cover?

**First and foremost, please note that this course does not teach you how to plan events.  This course is designed to supplement the Event Planning Essentials Certificate Course; and both the Essentials course and Fundraising & Sponsorship are included in the Complete Event Planner Toolkit at a discounted price.**

The Essentials course will teach you the basic foundation of how to plan any event; but the Fundraising & Sponsorship course will round out your education to give you a solid launching point from which you can start an exciting career as a planner of fundraising charity events.  

The video is hosted online; so you can access it when you want, on your schedule, and at your own pace.  Once you sign up, you will enter an exclusive "Member's Area" where you can watch the video and download the included sample documents.  

The video is broken into four sections, which total 1.5 hours of video time:

Module One: Overview of Fundraising Events

  • What is a fundraising event
  • Examples of fundraising event ideas
  • Why are fundraising events different from other events
  • The two main goals for any fundraising event planner 

Module Two: Sponsors & Sponsorship

  • Why you MUST understand sponsorship if you want plan fundraising events
  • How sponsors play an important role at your event
  • How to find & recruit sponsors
  • Creating sponsorship proposals (including a sample proposal)
  • Creating sponsorship levels
  • Why it is imperative to keep your sponsors happy (and how exactly to do so!)

Module Three: Raising Money

  • The two ways to look at money as a planner of fundraising charity events
  • Ways in which you can raise money at your event
  • Fundraising event ideas
  • Understanding silent auctions
  • Module Four: Planning a Fundraising Event

    • As mentioned before, this class is not a stand-alone course on how to plan events; but this section will expand upon what you learned in the Essentials course in order to plan a smooth fundraising event

    Documents Included with This Video Course:

    • Sample Event Sponsorship Agreement
    • Sample Budget Grid
    • Sample Sponsorship Proposal
    • PDF of the slides from the video (to use as reference in the future)

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    "This course helped me out in so many ways! Not only have I gained further insight into the event planning industry but I now have the knowledge and confidence to be successful! "

    ~Danielle P.

    How Do I Take the Class?

    Online Video
    The video class is hosted online, so that you can access it anywhere, at any time, as your schedule allows.  You can download a PDF of the slides from the video, so you can reference them in the future (although you do have lifetime access to the course). 

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    Ready to Begin?

    The "Fundraising & Sponsorship Course"
    is only $97 $47

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    This course will give you a solid understanding of planning fundraising charity events; including how to raise money at your events, how to save money, and how to recruit and manage sponsors.  

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